Project Description

Blockchain-Technologien im Schaltschrank (BISS) 4.0

The digital transformation of companies is expected to lead to stronger digital networking among companies in order to develop optimized, customer-specific, individual “hybrid” business models. These cross-company business models require secure, reliable and auditable logging and monitoring of contractually agreed information exchange between machine tools, operators and service providers.

The planned BISS 4.0 platform will a) establish a continuous trust of chain, b) digitize SLA contracts and c) control data exchange between companies on a policy basis. The application use cases “Reliable interactive maintenance plans” and “Reliable troubleshooting” are implemented and demonstrated in the BISS 4.0 platform.

Expected innovations:
The project is intended to support hybrid business models, i.e. the bundling of services and products offered by several companies in cooperation. This is to be achieved by building an end-to-end trust of chain based on the blockchain technology, from the customer to machine control. Solutions will be developed for the secure integration of human interactions (e.g. machine operators/maintenance technicians) and legacy machine tools into the blockchain.

Furthermore, agreements between companies, known in the IT industry as Service Level Agreements (SLAs), are mapped to Smart Contracts of the blockchain. The transformation of IT industry-specific SLAs to I4.0 industry-specific SLAs, new I4.0-specific metrics (e.g. compliance with maintenance plans) and the development of Smart SLA Contracts templates for rapid integration into the BISS 4.0 platform will be highlighted.

Finally, a data governance component should offer a continuous data control, which guarantees the controllability, the traceability and the auditability of the data exchange between the companies.